John Stonham

John Stonham
  B.A. (UVic), M.A., Ph.D. (Stanford)

언어학교수 Professor of Linguistics
영어영문학과 Division of English Language & Literature
부경대학교 Pukyong National University
연구실 / Office 1103 Education Complex
연구실 / Office 82 051 629 5385

My main interests lie in the areas of phonetics, phonology and morphology and their interface, but I've also conducted research and written on lexicographical, syntactic, and semantic issues, as well as developing software and computer-based linguistic implementations for language analysis. I have conducted longterm research on the Southern Wakashan languages spoken on the west coast of Vancouver Island and adjacent portions of the Olympic Peninsula. In addition to my research focus on the Southern Wakashan languages, I am interested in varieties of Korean including Middle Korean, Busan dialect, and the Cheju dialect.

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