Phonetics Fonts on the Internet

The following are links to free phonetics fonts on the internet which you can install on your own computer.

SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) Charis One of the best Unicode phonetics fonts from SIL
Doulos Another good Unicode font from SIL
Encore IPA A non-Unicode phonetic font from SIL

Linux Libertine - this font is not strictly a phonetics font but contains many phonetics symbols in addition to a very nice regular set of symbols.

In addition to these links, here is a link to a webpage that discusses how to use phonetics fonts on your own computer, from Prof. John Wells of University College London (UCL).

Other links

Below are some other links to useful information on using phonetic fonts:

Phonetic Keyboard for IPA - here is the link for a phonetic keyboard to type in the IPA.

Chart of Phonetic Keyboard - Here is a pdf file with a chart for the IPA keyboard above. Note that most of the special symbols have two parts: press the first one, release and then press the second one to make the symbol. The symbols will look best if you use the Phonetic fonts.

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