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T̉aat̉aaqsapa Textual Database

This database of T̉aat̉aaqsapa texts is based on the fieldwork of Edward Sapir between 1910 and 1914 as well as the subsequent textual material sent to Sapir by Alex Thomas and Frank Williams between 1914 and 1922. The texts are arranged according to the plan set out by Sapir and his student Morris Swadesh, who worked extensively on the material. Texts are categorized under a number of different subheadings.

Some of the texts have been previously published in one of two volumes, Sapir & Swadesh (1939) and Sapir & Swadesh (1955), but these two volumes are both long out of print and not readily available. The material presented here has been substantially revised to provide interlinear analysis of all the materials.

In the following index to the texts, the first column provides the number assigned to the texts by Sapir and Swadesh in their original plan. The second column provides an English title for the text, and the third column provides the name of the narrator of the text, as provided by Sapir. The fourth column indicates the source of the text: texts indicated by a Roman numeral followed by a colon and page range come from Sapir's original field notebooks (numbered I to XXIV); texts marked by a number followed by a letter indicate the indexing system associated with the texts subsequently sent to Sapir at the museum in Ottawa by Alex Thomas between 1914 and 1922. Thus, text 001,  ʿWhat Mosquitoes are made ofʾ was provided by Mr. Hamilton George and is recorded in Sapir's notebook  I on pages 115-129.  Text 007, ‘Kwatyat went out for a walk’, was sent to Sapir by Frank Williams and is recorded as Text 70a in the museum's catalogue.

Index of Texts

No.                 Text Name Narrator Source

I. Myths

001. What Mosquitoes are made of Hamilton George I:115-129
002. Deer and the Wolves Frank Williams
003. Raven and Skate
Frank Williams
004. Kwatyat and Wolf Frank Williams
005. Kwatyat's Mother Moved Frank Williams
006. Kwatyat and the Sunbeam Girls Big Fred
007. Kwatyat went out for a walk Frank Williams
008. Raven and his wife
Frank Williams
009. Raven and Snipe Frank Williams
010. The Transformer Big Fred
011. Woodpecker and the Thunderbirds
Frank Williams
012. The Dog Children Big Fred VII:11-31
013. The Man who brought his wife back from the dead  Big Fred VII:42-49
014. The Jealous Woman Big Fred VII:50-, VIII:1-5
015. Crow Girl
016. The Girl who married the Ya'i Big Fred VIII:5-13
017. The Youths who followed a bird
Big Fred VIII:14-20
018. The Boys who revenged their sister Big Fred VIII:24-34
019. The Marriage of Mink Tom Sayachapis
020. A Fight between Lice and Wolves
Tom Sayachapis
021. Pitch Woman Douglas Thomas
022. The Yellow Cedar Bark Ogre Peter Kishkish


023. The Tsayik, a Doctoring Ritual Hamilton George I:172-185
024. A Secret Ritual for Trolling Frank Williams VI:43-45
025. A Secret Ritual for Spearing Fish Frank Williams VI:46-49, VII:1-2
026. A Secret Ritual for Sea-Lion Hunting Frank Williams VII:3-5
027. Taboos for Sea-Mammal Hunting Frank Williams VII:5-9
028. Trolling for Spring Salmon Captain Bill XVIII:30
029. Fishing for Cod with baited Kelp-line and Sinker
Captain Bill XVIII:31
030. A Secret Ritual for Soma Bait Captain Bill XVIII:32
031. How a Father of Twins caused a Big Salmon Run William XXI:22-31
032. A Girl Obtains Power from the Fish William XXI:31-43
033. Hisawistath and Hitatsoath Wolf Rituals Rights are Handed Over to Tom’s Father Tom Sayachapis XXIII:2-7
034. Tom gets Wealth from Three Supernatural Beings Tom Sayachapis XIV:49-, XV:1
035. Tom has Two Uncanny Experiences Tom Sayachapis XV:2-4
036. Tom Washes Away His Nephew’s Low Birth Tom Sayachapis XV:5-7
037. Tom Gives His First Wolf Ritual Tom Sayachapis XV:7-8
038. Tom Marries Tom Sayachapis XV:8-13
039. Tom Gives Various Potlatches Tom Sayachapis XV:14-24, XVI:1-24,  XVII:26-41, XXII:25-50, XXIII:1-
040. Captain Bill’s Marriage Captain Bill XVIII:31
041. Frank Williams’ Wolf Ritual Experience Frank Williams VI:25-34
042. A Fight for a Drift Whale Captain Bill XVIII:16-17
043. Revenge on the Sea-Lions and Sea Otters
William X:16-20
044. Tom Gives Advice to his Grandson Tom Sayachapis 50v:167-211

IV. Outlines

045. The Yearly Round Tom Sayachapis 50cc
046. Beliefs Tom Sayachapis 50ee:35-56

V. The Wolf Ritual

047. Tom’s Big Wolf Ritual Tom Sayachapis 50r
048. Huupachas see the Wolf Ritual Tyee Bob XIX:5-8
049. Dance Teams Tom Sayachapis 50ee:23-35

VI. Marriage

050. Tyee Jack’s Marriage Kwishanishim 50n:47-50
051. Alex Thomas’ Marriage Tom Sayachapis 50s
052. An Unsuccessful Marriage Party Tom Sayachapis 50v:142-54
053. Notes on a Marriage Payment Visit Alex Thomas 50bb
054. Far-Above Dreams Marriage Songs Tom Sayachapis XII:40-43

VII. Feasts and Speeches

055. Puberty Potlatch for Dick Thlaamahuus’ Daughter Dick Thlaamahuus 50dd:1-58
056. Puberty Potlatch for William Tutuutsh’s Daughter Tom Sayachapis 50z:1-34
057. Gift Visit to the Nitinats Dick Thlaamahuus 50dd:106-22
058. Gift Visit to the Ucluelets Tom Sayachapis 50z:35-45
059. A Potlatch Trip Tom Sayachapis 50z:45-52
060. Mourning Potlatch for a Child Tom Sayachapis 50ee:1-7
061. Mourning Potlatch for Four Children Tom Sayachapis 50ee:7-22
062. Kwistuuh’s Big Potlatch Tom Sayachapis 50v:128-34
063. Becomes Ten Gives a Potlatch Tom Sayachapis 50v:134-42
064. Makes-Oily receives a Tukwaa Chief Tom Sayachapis XIV:20-23
065. High-Above’s Potlatch Games Tom Sayachapis XII:4-7,38-39,43-47
066. Speech of Thanks Tom Sayachapis 50a
067. Speech for Ceremonial Aid Klutasee 50aa
068. A Contest between Orators Tom Sayachapis 50d
069. Invitation and Welcome Alex Thomas 50o
070. Speeches in New Haven Alex Thomas ??


071. Uchucklesits exterminate Kiihin Tom Sayachapis XIII:15-28
072. War Among Aahuus Bands Tom Sayachapis 50x:51-68
073. Tsishaa Defeat Aahuus Tom Sayachapis 50x:33-42
074. Ucluelets Seize Namint Kwishanishim 50n:21-47
075. Ucluelets Seize Effingham Inlet Kwishanishim 50m
076. Ucluelets Fight Uchucklesits Kwishanishim 50n:1-15
077. The Long War in Barkley Sound Kwishanishim 50l
078. Some Ucluelet Youths Go Raiding Kwishanishim 50n:15-21
079. Aahuus Try to Trample Tsishaa Tom Sayachapis 50x:69-100
080-84.   [No text assigned]

IX. Legendary Hunters

085. Whaling adventures of Siihnach Tom Sayachapis 50b
086. Nawa'ik relieves a famine Tom Sayachapis 50c
087. Nawa'i:k as a Whaler Tom Sayachapis 50v:251-289
088. Uwimhlni as a Wwhaler Kwishanishim 50p
089. The whaling of Bangs-along and his son
Tom Sayachapis 50z:52-97
090. Kwatsitasuthl as a Whaler
Tom Sayachapis 50x:1-36
091. Purple-body as a Whaler
Tom Sayachapis 50v:75-91
092. A Commoner becomes a Whaler; Barnacles-on-Face Tom Sayachapis 50v:63-65
093. Dog-dancer as a Whaler Kwishanishim 50y
094. Far-Above as a whaler
Tom Sayachapis XII:47-50
095. Chief Sharp-body of Kinahum
Tom Sayachapis XIII:3-13
096. Blowing-Sound Tom Sayachapis VIII:21-24
097. [No text assigned?]

098. Whaling-Power from the sharks Tom Sayachapis XVIII:8-15
099. A Yashitkuwa chief becomes a whaler Tom Sayachapis VIII:36-50; IX:1-29
100. The Rival Whalers Tom Sayachapis XIV:23-28
101. Sinker’s Daughter helps her Whaler Husband
Tom Sayachapis 50v:103-113
102 The Whale's Sweetheart Tom Sayachapis 50v:24-42
103 Kwistux gets two drift whales Tom Sayachapis 50v:113-128
104 A contest in drift-whale power Tom Sayachapis 50w:1-26
105 A stolen whale Tom Sayachapis 50v:20-24
106 A lesson for a stingy man Tom Sayachapis 50v:1-20
107 The river of the Chakwistis
108 Whaling songs of the Hitatsu Tom Sayachapis XIII:14-15
109 Hihluqwap and his Salmon Tom Sayachapis 50x:42-51
110 Hair-seal Hunter and Porpoise Hunter Tom Sayachapis VI:11-24
111 Lifts-up and Rotten-head-hunter, the rivals William X:20-46
112 The first use of crabs as food Tom Sayachapis XIII:33-40
113 The Halibut Fishermen & the Orphan Tom Sayachapis 50v:42-63

X. Tales of Extraordinary Experience

114 Stories of Ghosts and Shamans Tom Sayachapis 50dd:76-106
115 A man misuses Beaver Power Tom Sayachapis XIV:34-36, 38-41
116 Tom encounters a Storm Tom Sayachapis 50v:154-167
117 Kanup as a Shaman Tom Sayachapis 50v:91-103
118 Sword-dance becomes a shaman;
Tom Sayachapis 50v:240-251
119 The youth who followed Tom Sayachapis XIV:28-34
120 A runaway slave comes to the chief of Wanin Tom Sayachapis XIV:41-49
121 Adventures of Mussel-Getter
Tom Sayachapis 50v:211-240
122 Tlatlaqukwap sees the Thunderbird Tom Sayachapis XXI:1-13
123 The Nitinahts obtain the Thunderbird Tom Sayachapis XVIII:18-23
124 A Hikuhl sees the Thunderbird and the Aurora-woman Tom Sayachapis XXI:13-22
125 A Muhuhl Man visits Thunder Tom Sayachapis XIX:8-28

XI. Family Origin Legends

126. The Chinii Tom Sayachapis XXII:7-24,  XXIV:25-45,  XXIII:8-28
127. Legendary History of the Tsishaath Tom Sayachapis II:3-159
128. A Hupachas Account of Culture Origins Tom Sayachapis XIX:29-50, XX:1-49
129. The origin of the Tsishaath and the Story of Tlatlaqukwap and Tapushenis Tom Sayachapis IX:44-50, X:2-16
130. Origin of the Huʔuɬ Band Kwishanishim 50q
131. The shaman Kaniwin and the Origin of the Nachimas Tom Sayachapis XIII:40-50, XIV:1-20
132. How the Hikuhl explored the Alberni Canal
Tom Sayachapis IX:29-44
133. An Origin Legend of the Nawaa Tom Sayachapis XIII:28-33
134. Origin of the Hisawist̉a
Tom Sayachapis XII:1-7
135. Far-Above and Wealth-on-the-Rocks
Tom Sayachapis XII:39
136. High-Above and Big-Rear
Tom Sayachapis XII:7-38
137. The Name Abalone-Hunter
Tom Sayachapis 50x:31-33
138. How a potlatch mask was obtained Harry?
139. Explanation of a head-mask Klutasee? VI:37-38
Hu'ii'a Subdivisions Dick Thlaamahuus 50dd
141. Hu'ii'a Houses Dick Thlaamahuus 50dd:66-76
142. A Young Man who married and got mad Tom Sayachapis 70 ?
143. Two Swan-women make place names
Tom Sayachapis XX:50, XXII:1-7

XII. Origin of the Wolf Ritual

144. Origin of the Wolf Ritual Tom Sayachapis II:175-289, III:129-159
145. Cheʔis version of the Wolf Ritual origin Tom Sayachapis VI:38-42
146. Some of High-Above's privileges in potlatches and winter feasts Tom Sayachapis XII:47-50
147. A Ucluelet princess marries a wolf Tom Sayachapis 50t

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