Introduction to Phonology

This website contains further information related to the textbook Introduction to Phonology. Here you will find lists of typos, additional exercises, and other materials related to the textbook. I invite anyone who has further corrections or suggestions to contact me at

Typos and other corrections

I would like to thank Eun-Sook Kim, Hyehyun Lee, Suyeon Yun and the students of my English Phonology class, especially Seung-Gee Hong, Seung-Eun Lim, Minhee Park, and Seong-Eun Bae for pointing out various infelicities in the text. The following list provides corrections to those found so far.

Page and Line/Ex. No.

89, 6 lines fr. btm

midsaggital → midsagittal
89, Table 5.7
The value for [s/z] should be [-] and for [ʃ/ʒ] should be [+]
105, (6.14) no. 2

strident → sibilant
106, top

(6.14c) should be (6.14 no. 3)
109, (6.23)

remove [-son]
136, 1st line below (7.9)

“Again, it is clear that the actual condition on ...”
182, Figure 9.8a

the first O (above [ɪ]) should be changed to R
213, ex. 1, VIII

mbâ -->  mbă
213, ex. 1, VIII
mbângà: --> mbăngà:
225, Figure 11.10

note that when [nasal] spreads to /k/, [-son] will also change to [+son] automatically
227, Figure 11.12

change:   [+cons, + son] -->  [+cons,   son]
228, (11.9) b.
(읽습 니다) --> (읽다)
228, (11.9) c.
(읽습 니다) --> (없어요)
228, (11.9) d.
(읽습 니다) --> (없다)
247, (12.18) b.

  **  -->   *!*
p. 252
보상 음화 --> 보상 음화

Further Exercises

This section provides additional exercises so that students may have more practise in the principles presented in each chapter.

Additional Information

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